Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Shadow Warriors novel on sale

Smashwords sale only (no Kindle) until March 15 for The Shadow Warriors.  Use Coupon Code QR73B and the novel only costs $1.49.  The author is Judith Copek.  Smashwords Web site

The Shadow Warriors is a genre-busting novel of suspense, incorporating international locales (Singapore, Hong Kong, Boston, Brussels and Germany), technology (software agents) and derring-do at a German university. The story is framed by an outbreak of information warfare. Emma Lee Davis, a web security consultant, must dredge up a painful summer in her past to discover a means to end the info-war that has disrupted civilization.

The novel provides insights into the computer hacker culture of old, complete with colorful techspeak and the offbeat humor that always accompanies an information systems project.  All the while Emma’s irreverent, insightful observations and unique voice pepper the cyber-suspense with aspects of cyber-farce. The topic of technology running amok is timely; the characters are unique. The millions of  IT professionals will enjoy a book that features their misunderstood livelihoods.  

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