Thursday, March 24, 2011

Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath Duke It Out

 In a massive 13,000 word post, Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler discuss e-publishing, publishing, writing, self-publishing and the times and how they are a changin'.  

Why is this of interest?  The Shadow Warriors was originally an e-book, and then a print book, and has come full circle and is again available as an e-book.   The novel has been "in print" for 10 years and I have great hopes for it as an e-book.  German readers would love it if a) they're pretty proficient at English and b) they have access to Amazon UK and can download.   I am reading that German publishing is not liking e-books so much, in fact they like it not so.  

If you have the time, prepare to be entertained, and there is much food for thought, too.  Read the Eisler/Konrath discussion.  It is an eye-opener.  Gives me hope for this novel.