Monday, August 15, 2011

The FBI and Cybercrime

The FBI Investigates Cyber Crime 

Here is another link to some testimony:  Cyber Crime On Social Networking Sites

My Facebook Account was hacked and a "message" sent out to my friends trying to lure them to a website with the promise of a photo of them.  I had to email everyone and warn them not to visit.  This was embarrassing and I was even "defriended" by a few.  It also took up a lot of my time, and I had to change not only my Facebook password but all my email passwords.  Major pain in the ass, quite frankly.  These hacks seem to have died out a bit lately.  Maybe Facebook has beefed up their security.

A manuscript that I'm currently trying to sell has facial recognition software playing a big part. I made "my" software ahead of the curve in that it can recognize many faces at one time.  The software agents I devised for The Shadow Warriors have probably come to pass.  What do you think?  Are software agents alive and well and cruising through  networks and running amoke?