Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cassandra Syndrome

Counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke discusses cyber war in this month's (April 2012) Smithsonian Magazine. This story  sounds so much like The Shadow Warriors (the Stuxnet virus) that I too feel like Cassandra, for having first written about Info War after hitting upon the idea for the "Warriors" from Paul Strassman in an article way back in 1995.  Can you believe it? 

I recommend anyone interested in the topic of cyber or info war to head to your nearest library and sit down with the April Smithsonian Magazine.  According to Clarke, the U.S. can go on the offensive but we are virtually (!) helpless against an offense.  Where are Wayne, Christof, Kathy Chang and even Emma  (my characters) when we need their expertise so badly?  Bring on the Skunk Works! 

Lots of questions, few answers, but Richard Clarke has his ideas about Stuxnet.  Endlessly fascinating. 

The Shadow Warriors  hit the nail on the head.  Read about it now, before the Cyber War brings down your computers.