Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Coming Cyber Wars

Today's Boston Globe has an interest op-ed page about cyber warfare and what the U.S. government admits and does not admit.   All the gurus on this topic agree that the cyber war will be a "when" not an "if" scenario, and of course industry is lagging behind any meaningful readiness.    As a result, the government may have to intervene to keep electric grids and the whole infrastructure safe(r).

Most people are unaware of this whole concept.  Scary, really.  If you want to read about the kind of war I'm talking about in an earlier time, a "what might have been" scenario, it's just as frightening today as it was for the fictional participants then.  And just as puzzling.  Who knew?  And today?  Who is ready?  Maybe the U.S. government, perhaps other governments, and perhaps no one is really ready.  Read about it here…